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How to Refill a Prescription, from Start to Finish

Nearly  half of the nation fills a prescription, totally nearly four billion prescriptions. But those big numbers don’t mean that refilling your prescription is always easy. 

Can you make sure you’re getting the right medicine? How will your doctor send your prescription? 

Don’t panic at the pharmacy. We’ll show you how to refill a prescription easily and quickly. 

Be Honest

The first step in getting the right medicine? Being honest with your medical professional. 

Keep a journal of your medical history, how you feel, and what medicines you’re already taking. It’s important that your doctor knows everything about your medical history to ensure they write the right prescription. 

Different Prescription Deliveries

Back in the old days, doctors would scribble something illegible on a pad and you’d hope the pharmacist could read it. There are different methods of prescription delivery these days. 

There’s still good old fashioned paper and pen. If you’re refilling a prescription, your  doctor might prescribe you medicine over the phone or online. 

Figuring Out the Cost

Not all medicines are covered by your health plan. Talk to your doctor about options for reducing your costs. 

Generics often cost less than name brands and work the same way. You can also try online pharmacies.

Shop around to see if you can get a good deal. Check out these prescription drug prices for an idea of what you might have to pay. 

Local Pharmacies

Taking your prescription to your local pharmacy is common and convenient. If you’ve got the kind written on paper, just stop in and hand it over to the pharmacist. 

Ask your doctor if they can phone your pharmacy and transfer the information that way. If you have a digital copy, make sure you send it to the correct email address. 

Double check to confirm you’re sending your sensitive medical information to the right email. 

Don’t have a local pharmacy? Contact your healthcare provider and they can help you find one. 

Online Pharmacies

Having your prescription fulfilled at an online pharmacy is another convenient way of getting the medicines you need. It’s not as immediate as your local pharmacy, but the medicine will come right to your door with just a few clicks. 

Mail order prescriptions are ideal for re-occurring orders. You always know the next shipment is on its way at the same time every time. 

Short term medicines that you need right away or heat and cold sensitive medicines are best purchased locally. 

Be sure you clearly provide all of your information. Also be sure that the pharmacy you choose has a clear privacy statement. 

How to Refill a Prescription the Easy Way

There are many ways to learn how to refill a prescription. That doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. 

Clear communication and follow through is key. You want the right medicines at the best price, delivered in the most convenient way. 

Got any other medical questions? We’re here to make sure you’re educated and informed! 

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