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7 Common Misconceptions About Kids’ Teeth

Despite living in a modern world, some parents still believe in oral misconceptions. Such ideas have seen kids end up with either crooked teeth, cavities, or even gingivitis at an early age. As a parent, it is your duty to distinguish between dental facts and myths. That is the only way to protect your kid’s teeth and prevent them from developing any impending oral problems. Remember, the way you take care of your kid’s teeth at a young age will dictate how they end up maturing. Here are some of the most common oral misconceptions about kid’s teeth that you need to know.

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Deciduous Teeth Fall off Eventually, and so They Don’t Need Caring

A significant number of parents believe that there is no need for caring for deciduous teeth since they tend to shed off after some time. Despite being temporary, baby teeth are vital when it comes to laying a foundation for the upcoming permanent teeth. They are also crucial in developing the kid’s jaw and strengthening his or her gums. That means, as soon as the first tooth emerges, you need to start practicing good oral hygiene. That includes cleaning the kid’s tooth regularly and scheduling dental checkups to make sure everything is okay.

Kids Should Only Visit a Dentist If the Teeth Hurt

It may seem funny, but the fact is that many parents believe a kid should only visit a dentist when the teeth hurt. Whether the kid has an anterior crown to protect his or her teeth or not, scheduled visits are mandatory. There is a reason why dentists advise people to go for dental checkups every six months. By following the advice, you get to protect your kid from any dental condition before it onsets. It is also a great way of avoiding costly oral procedures. As soon as the teeth start hurting, it means the problem is already on the nerves, and that can be a bit too late to save a tooth.


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Constant Flossing Create Spaces Between Teeth

Very few parents make sure their kids floss once a day. The rest think that doing so before the teeth mature creates spaces between teeth. Well, as a parent, you need to know that such an idea is nothing but a common dental misconception. Flossing is a very crucial teeth cleaning practice for every human. The practice doesn’t create spaces but instead leaves your kid’s teeth clean and healthy. That is because it removes any food remnants that might be hiding between the spaces. During the first floss, your kid’s gums may bleed, but that should stop after a while.

Diet Beverages Are Excellent for Kids

Due to awareness, parents already know that sugary foods and fizzy drinks can corrode the kid’s enamel and cause cavities. With that in mind, parents turn to diet drinks since they lack sugars. What they don’t know is that diet beverages contain plenty of acids. That means they can still erode the enamel and cause cavities. The only way to keep the kids’ teeth healthy is by reducing the amount of these drinks and ensuring they clean their mouths thereafter. That prevents the harmful contents from remaining on their teeth surface long enough to cause harm.

Diet Beverages

Kids Should Stay Away from Fluoride Toothpaste

Another kid’s oral misconception is that since their enamels are still soft, they should stay away from fluoride. Some parents even deny their kids toothpaste with fluoride in a bid to protect their teeth. You need to know that fluoride is a vital element to your kid’s teeth. Dentists even recommend allowing kids to drink water that has fluoride. That is because the element helps in strengthening both the tooth surface and the jaw as well.

Brushing Extra Times a Day Makes Kids Teeth Cleaner

The dental rule states that everyone, including kids, should brush their teeth twice a day. The rest of the day, you should only rinse your mouth. Despite that being clear, some parents still believe that their kids’ should brush an extra number of times a day for the utmost cleanliness. You need to know it is not true. As a matter of fact, it is dangerous. Additional cleaning can end up weakening your kid’s gums and cause teeth sensitivity.

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It Is Normal for Kids to Fear the Dentist

Many kids around the globe fear dentists. That is because they know nothing good comes from seeing a dentist except pain. Parents also believe the myth, and that is why most of them don’t take their kids to dentists unless it is necessary. Dental physicians, on the other hand, have come up with methods with which they can treat patients without inflicting pain. These methods involve using the latest technology to make dental procedures painless.

Kids Teeth Cleaner

The prevalence of these myths has seen kids end up with various preventable dental problems. It is, therefore, essential that parents inquire from dental physicians whenever there is something they don’t understand. Doing so is going to see them protect their kids from oral health misconceptions and help them develop teeth appropriately.