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Backyard Add-Ons That Have Great Health Benefits

Exterior design is something that people usually see as a great way to increase curb appeal, but it can do so much more than that. Neatly mowed lawn, lavish garden, and comfortable seating area will give you more than a beautifully landscaped backyard. While your eyes will feast with a gorgeous view, you will also feel emotionally and physically better. So if you are considering some improvements to your outdoor space right now, here are backyard add-ons that have great health benefits and look amazing.

Create a lush garden

There are many benefits to gardening. Horticultural therapy is a proven method to deal with depression, reduce anxiety, lower stress hormone cortisol and even lose weight. A bacteria found in the soil is quite beneficial to humans since it encourages the brain to make more serotonin – a happiness hormone.

Growing fruits and vegetables will also add a sense of accomplishment into your life once the harvest season comes along. The visual appeal is something that shouldn’t be neglected as well since it will make your outdoor space more beautiful and improve your landscaping design. Mix flowers with shrubs and evergreen plants to create layers so your garden will look more verdant and thrive the whole year.

Build an outdoor cinema

If you like movies, then watching them on the biggest screen possible will make your day. Although outdoor cinemas became popular as a perfect entertainment for children parties, it’s something grown-ups can have fun with as well. This is fairly simple to build especially if you are handy with tools and love an interesting DIY project. Or you can just buy outdoor projector screens, place chairs and blankets in front of it, make popcorns and click play.

Outdoor cinema is a great reason to have your friends in one place and have fun together or spend more quality time with your partner and children. Movies make us cry, laugh and flinch, they change our views, teach us something new and help us better understand the world around us. They reduce stress and anxiety by helping us forget our troubles for a moment so we can tackle them better once the end credits roll.

 Choose the right lighting

During the day, you don’t have to worry about lighting since you have the best natural source of it – the sun. But in the evenings, your backyard turns dark and all your hard work into landscaping will go to waste if you don’t choose the right lighting. Outdoor lighting will make your backyard bigger and more spacious with highlights on the areas that will make it more aesthetically appealing.

But also, the right lights will create a comfortable mood that will be perfect to have dinner outside, organize a party or for stargazing. Solar lamps are an eco-friendly and easy way to light up your garden, pathways and even seating area since they don’t require wires and electrical installations. Soothing string lights on the shrubs, hanging from walls or pergola ceiling are a wonderful way to create a romantic and cozy mood.

Treat yourself with relaxing swimming pool

treat yourself relaxing

A while ago, swimming pools were reserved for those financially fortunate but this is not the case anymore. With new technologies comes accessible, modernized and affordable swimming pool construction that will fit any budget and size of the outdoor area. And even the smallest swimming pool can have wonderful health benefits besides adding value to your house.

Water aerobics is a wonderful way to stay in shape and is a perfect physical activity for people with underlying injuries who want to stay fit. Swimming is great for building muscle strength, your heart, lungs and losing weight, as well as for posture and bones. But simply relaxing by the pool with a good book and lemonade is enough to elevate your mood and eliminate stress.

Add a relaxing lounge area

The lounge area is more than just a seating place to spend time with family and guests. This is the ultimate spot that will help you relax after a tough day at work or when you want to take a nap outside. And the possibilities for building a lounge area in your backyard are endless.

If you have trees, hang a couple of hammocks for the modest and simplest ways to give yourself a quiet spot to de-stress. A wooden pergola is ideal as a shade for a lounge area made of pillows and rugs in the true Boho style. Or you can go all out and create a luxurious space with lounge chairs, fire pit and wide parasols perfect for cocktail time and sunbathing.

In the end

While your budget plays an important role in which backyard add-ons to have, don’t forget to consider the great health benefits of comfortable outdoor space. This is your sanctuary when you are tired, sad or simply need a place to cool off, so make the best possible version of it.