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Different Uses of Saliva Testing

Different Uses of Saliva Testing

Nowadays, there are plenty of methods that help diagnose different health issues. One of the important diagnostic tools that are gaining popularity lately is saliva. Saliva testing can help detect oral problems and other general health problems as well. Compared to blood tests and other diagnostic methods, saliva testing is one of the least intrusive yet provides a lot of useful diagnostic information. Read along to learn more about saliva testing and when they are used.

Know the Saliva Flow

A person’s saliva flow has a lot of impact in overall oral health. Saliva plays a major role in maintaining oral health – cleaning debris, protection from tooth decay, keeping gums strong and healthy, and a lot more. When a person has low saliva flow, he is more susceptible to oral problems. Dental saliva testing helps you determine if your saliva flow is normal or not and perform countermeasures to avoid problems brought by low saliva flow. 

Non-Invasive Alternative to Blood Test

Blood tests are common yet invasive way in obtaining diagnostic information about a patient. If you’re looking for a non-invasive yet efficient diagnostic procedure, saliva testing is one of the best alternatives you can have. Saliva is much easier to obtain, handle and is readily available anytime for testing. 

Bacteria Count

Different types of bacteria can be found in the mouth. When left on their own they can cause a variety of oral problems such as tooth decay ad unhealthy gums. Saliva testing helps determine if there is an imbalance of these bacteria and apply treatment to prevent it from developing into more serious oral health problem. 

Determine Diseases

Aside from determining oral health problems, a saliva test can also help discover and identify other health problems in general. Through saliva testing, doctors can find an effective way in addressing the disease in a way that suits the patient’s lifestyle. Dental hygienists can also create a patient’s health profile with the help of saliva testing. Aside from identifying the present diseases, a patient has, information gathered through a saliva test can also help determine the potential risks for other diseases a patient has. 

Improve Oral Health Care

Oral problems and risks can be determined through saliva testing. With this, patients can improve their oral health care practices to lessen their risk of getting teeth and gum problems. It can also help patients correct bad health practices that can lead to oral health problems. 

The saliva is indeed a very useful tool when it comes to diagnosing oral and general health problems as well. It contains lots of components such as hormones and antibodies that are greatly useful in determining a person’s overall health condition. With just a small amount of saliva, experts can get an insight on what’s going on inside a patient’s body and is very useful in monitoring oral and general health as well. Contact your dentist to know more about this procedure or if you need to undergo this test to monitor your overall health.