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Group fitness classes: Where fun and frolic lead to fitness!

Fitness can be fun! Sounds weird? But it can be true. You can actually make those workout sessions (and the hard efforts you put into it) fun by adding a twist to your exercise routine. Like, how about bringing variety to the style of exercising, or working out in a group?! We’re sure you would love to shake a leg during your Zumba session or simply share a silent space during the yoga class with a large group of fitness freaks like yourself.

The term group fitness includes working out in a group with a personal trainer. Here expert trainers are all ready to try those Body-Pump or Box-Fit or RDM regimens with you. If you are a hard-core cardio fan looking for burning calories, enrol for les mills classes by Ambitionz, where work out is actually enjoyable with a twist of fun, adding vigour to your efforts. With these forms of exercises gaining popularity, you can find all gyms and fitness centres embracing them.

Ø  Various benefits of working out in groups!

There are innumerable gyms that offer a whole schedule of group fitness sessions and classes that include Les Mills, Zumba, etc., because of the positive and rapid effects of these on individuals. And if you want the reason behind this high level of success of group workout sessions, read on!


o   The same fitness benefits as individual training without the high cost — Though most of us don’t mind hiring a personal trainer for regular exercise, but in case you are avoiding the same due to lack of finances, you can always go for group fitness classes. These offer the same level of fitness tasks and exercises minus the high cost. And though the attention of a trainer may not be just limited to you, they are always there to answer a query or help whenever you ask for it.

o   Group fitness class boosts motivation — Motivation is truly essential for any kind of workout and staying firm in your regular schedule. In case you get tired easily or you are bored during the same, your buddies in the group exercise classes are always a motivation to bounce back.

o   Group fitness is fun in all sense — Working out alone can be a very dull and monotonous task. While group workouts are totally fun. When in groups, with the music playing loud and everyone else struggling hard with you to achieve the incredible is certainly fun and entertaining. You’d actually miss this fun once the sessions get over!

o   The competitive spirit pushes you in the right direction — Once you are in a group, there’s always this competition to excel better than your friends. This factor drives and pushes you positively, which in turn benefits you in the long run.

o   The support never ends — When you are alone, there’s no one to support you or help you except the trainer you may have hired. But when it’s a group of people involved in the act, there’s this constant encouragement, nudging and urging coming from them — this never lets you back out even if you aren’t performing that well.

They say, a regular fitness regime should be an integral part of your lifestyle rather than just being your avenue to while time. And with group exercise classes, you get that nudge to remain dedicated to it longer, while having fun and achieing your desired results alongside!