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Important Medical Equipment

Important Medical Equipment every Hospital Should Have in 2019

The healthcare industry witnessed a significant increase in the use of medical technology in the last two years. From advanced device development to the introduction of technology-induced medical processes and methods, the medical sector has adopted big time. It drove the industry to reach a valuation of $336.2 billion globally. 

Following this trend, the Indian industry for medical technology also reached a valuation of $5.2 Billion as per the latest data, with a considerable proportion dedicated to hospitals in India.

While advanced medical technology improves healthcare services, installing them in hospitals and other health centres also involves high-cost investments. Medical professionals can thus avail a professional loan to purchase the necessary equipment for their units.

With the easy availability of professional loans like a loan for doctors, it is now easier more than ever to purchase and install them in hospitals. Here’s a list of medical equipment that every hospital should be equipped with to facilitate state-of-the-art medical care to patients. 

Essential medical equipment for hospitals:


  • X-ray machines (Portable)


Irrespective of size, operation, etc., every hospital must have a portable X-ray machine that can help in speedy diagnostics of ailments. Both easy-to-use and lightweight, the equipment leverages diagnosis through digital imaging of high-quality with accuracy.

Purchasing a portable X-ray machine in India may cost anywhere between Rs. 10 to 21 Lakh, which can strain finances. Medical practitioners can thus avail a professional loan for doctors to fund this purchase.


  • ECG/EKG monitors


ECG/EKG monitors are again one of the costlier medical devices, yet necessary to provide upgraded healthcare services in hospitals. They assist in recording electrical pulses accurately for diagnosis of any abnormality in cardiovascular functions.

With prices of portable electrocardiograms rising, medical practitioners have an option to avail a professional loan for the purchase. This point of care medical equipment can effectively increase patient satisfaction while increasing the ROIs for a hospital.


  • Haematology analysers


With the number of patients undergoing haematology diagnosis increasing, presence of analysers acquires significant importance for every hospital. The latest and advanced analysers can prove crucial in providing timely treatment to patients in need.

These analysers also ensure precise diagnosis and support other functionalities while providing scope for future reference of patient data. Medical professionals can avail hospital loans for doctors for the equipment’s purchase, which may cost anywhere between Rs. 4 to 6 Lakh.


  • Ultrasound machines


Portable ultrasound machines have proven to be revolutionary in the diagnosis of critical illnesses. Also, they have helped improve patient engagement and satisfaction for surgeons and physicians alike.

With the precision and efficacy of their 2D, 3D and 4D variants, they have also assisted in optimum revenue generation for hospitals. As they can cost between Rs. 8 to 16 Lakhs, a suitable way to meet this high-value expenditure is through a professional loan for doctors.


  • Portable endoscopes


Providing high-quality cameras fitted for advanced imaging solutions, a sophisticated and portable endoscope is necessary medical equipment for hospitals. Automated endoscopes can not only help in diagnosis but also treat critical internal damages through advanced technology. However, they are expensive, and you may need additional financing like a professional loan to fund the purchase.

Choose the necessary equipment as per your requirement from this list to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient satisfaction. Arrange for finances to purchase them and make sure to check out how to be eligible for a doctor loan before applying to improve the chances of approval.


With the healthcare industry being updated through advanced medical equipment and devices, its global valuation has reached a staggering $336.2 Billion. The Indian medical sector saw a similar rise, reaching up to $5.2 Billion. Today, the easy availability of such sophisticated devices has significantly improved healthcare services in India.

A handful of medical technologies, however, have become a necessity for hospitals to provide state-of-the-art healthcare services for improved treatment and patient satisfaction. Due to their sophisticated build, they also come expensive, which can hinder with the cash flow of the hospital. To counter this hindrance while ensuring the patients receive advanced diagnosis and treatment, medical practitioners can thus avail a professional loan for their purchase.

With financing challenges sorted, they can buy a handful of important medical equipment for improved patient care and treatment. Like, a portable X-ray machine that is lightweight and easy to use can ensure a speedy and accurate diagnosis. Similarly, haematology analysers can ensure timely diagnosis of critical illnesses.

Automated endoscopes with their advanced digital imaging are also among important medical devices with the latest technology for hospitals. Other equipment types with sophisticated medical technology include portable ultrasound machines and electrocardiograms. 

Ensure easy financing of these devices through a loan for doctors provided by the best financial institutions in India to ensure the best medical facilities in your healthcare centre.