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Reasons Obesity is a Curse for Girls in their Twenties

Reasons Obesity is a Curse for Girls in their Twenties

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health conditions which has been declared an epidemic in a different part of the world. It is equally concerning men, women, children, and older people as it affects them in the same way. However, it is a little more concerning and life-threatening for women in their twenties due to a number of reasons.

The UAE is one of those countries of the world which is facing a constant rise in obesity stats in the region. Research claims that around 40% of women in the Gulf region are obese, and 35% are overweight. It is not just a matter of appearance but health, which needs solid measures for the solution.

Luckily, most of the women are aware of the health complications and issues, therefore, trying their best to achieve a healthy weight. A great majority of women join the weight loss Dubai based centers and ensure to achieve their weight goal with the help of experts. They are enthusiastic about living a healthy life, which becomes true through expert guidance.

This article will shed light on the reasons obesity is a curse for women and especially those girls who are just in their twenties.

Top 4 Reason Obesity is a Curse for Girls in Twenties

Obesity is a curse for all human beings, but more specifically for women, due to a number of reasons. It is not something which you can develop only in a later age, but the girls as young as in the twenties can also develop it. However, you should never compromise with it, and try to get rid of it.

The following are some of the most important reasons obesity is considered a curse for women in their twenties.

1. Lowers Self Confidence

One of the most reasons obesity is a curse for young girls is that it lowers their self-confidence. Unfortunately, beauty is always associated with a slim and sleek figure. Obese girls start thinking that they are not beautiful, which impacts their perception and mental health. It also makes them inactive and lethargic.

2. More Issues Related to Women Health

One of the most important reasons obesity is a curse for girls in their twenties is that it is the root cause of major complications of women’s health. It can cause issues like menstrual dysfunction, as well as fertility among women. Moreover, it has the potential of affecting conception and miscarriages among women.

3. Risk of Transferring Disease to Children

The health of a child is linked to that of his/her mother. The young obese mothers have greater risks of transferring life-threatening conditions to their children. They can develop diabetes, heart diseases, and kidney issues due to obesity and transfer it to their children. So, it is hazardous for young mothers and their future generations.

4. Higher Risk of Death While Giving Birth

The greatest reason which makes obesity a curse for women in their twenties is the higher risk of death while giving birth. Research has highlighted that infertility rate and pregnancy issues are higher among obese women. Even if they are able to conceive somehow, they face more and major complications while giving birth, which can take their life.

Are you scared of obesity?

Well, it is something to get scared of. However, you still have the solution in your hand. You can hire the services of experts from the weight loss Dubai based clinics and lose your weight smoothly. You can ensure to get a personalized plan and achieve your healthy weight goal in a limited time.

So, do not wait for the complications to appear and motivate you to take action. Move towards a healthier and happier future now. Consult the experts to make your weight loss journey a success.