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The Top Herb Grinders To Look Out For in 2020

The Top Herb Grinders To Look Out For in 2020

Just like tomato soup & grilled cheese or peanut butter & jelly, herb grinders and vaporizers also go hand-in-hand. One of the major accessories that you should always buy with your vaporizer is a herb grinder.

With the help of a grinder, you can easily break down your dry herbs without any complications – into something that has a more consistent texture and allows for an even vape of your herbs, without having to regularly stir your pot. This will help in maximizing the active surface area of your herbs which will help your vaporizer perform much more efficiently as well. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best ones in the market, including the Santa Cruz Grinder from Vaporizer Hut.

The Reasons Why You Need A Herb Grinder

  • Enjoy a more consistent material for your vaporizer.
  • Enhance the efficiency of your vaping device.
  • Faster when it comes to breaking down your herbs.
  • Serves as a storage unit for your herbs.

Things To Remember When Buying Herb Grinders

When you’re planning to buy your first herb grinder, it should be known that different herb grinders offer different types of consistencies – which will work great for a certain type of vaporizer. Furthermore, you should also figure out whether your vaporizer uses a convection or conduction process for its vaping.

For instance, if you primarily use a vaporizer that uses the convection process for its vaping, then you need to opt for a grinder that offers you with herbs with a coarse texture. Similarly, if you’re using a vaporizer that uses the conduction process, the texture of your herbs should be smooth and the herb grinder should attest to the same requirements as well.

The Best Herb Grinders In The Current Market

Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder 

When it comes to choosing the best products in the market, the Santa Cruz grinder should be on the top of everyone’s wishlists. This is one of the best-engineered grinders in the market which you can buy without worrying about its strength, reliability or quality. The product is made in the USA and thereby uses an innovative technique to shred the herbs and doesn’t let the herbs stick or catch onto anything. It can shred any type of herb without any issues.

This type of grinder is great for users who use a vaporizer that burns herbs via the process of convection. This is because the grinder allows the herbs to be not as condensed as the user would like it to be – thereby improving the overall airflow.

Aerospaced Groove Grinder

This grinder is considered to be the middle of the road when it comes to the type of product it produces. It can produce much finer herbs than the Santa Cruz grinder.

The product is pretty popular among most vaping enthusiasts and will work great with both convection and conduction type vaporizers.