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Top 10 Ways to Improve Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle. That’s why one of the biggest enemies of your heart is sedentary lifestyle. Keep moving and your heart stays happy. 

Here are 10 habits that can help in maintaining a good heart condition. 

  1. Monitor your cholesterol and blood pressure 

Check your blood pressure every year. Check your cholesterol every 2-3 years. If you suffer from high blood pressure take your medication regularly and check your blood pressure every 6 months or so. You can take care of your health by having a nutritional diet. You can utilize Diet Direct coupon to get savings on your purchase.

  1. Kill the stress, else it will kill you! 

It is difficult to keep stress at bay in today’s world. Even the morning traffic can stress you out, and you commute daily in this traffic. So, imagine how consistently you are stressing yourselves! 

Practice deep breathing. Meditate. Learn yoga. Spare “me” time. Use your smartphone lesser. Go out into nature. Express your emotions. Do not keep long-term grudges, resentment, guilt, hatred or anger in you. They turn into disease. 

  1. Eat healthier

Healthy food can be tasty too. You don’t always have to stuff junk into you for satiating your taste buds. Learn to cook at home. Cooking is a therapy. Try new recipes. 

Fruits like banana help to control blood pressure, so does a handful of almonds and walnuts a day. According to doctors, Vitamin A, E, and B complex and L-arginine can safeguard artery walls and promote heart health. 

Add variety to the menu. Include various beans and berries. Eat brown rice and oatmeal. Eat everything in moderation and your heart will be raring to go. 

Check for deficiencies of vitamins or minerals. Consult your doctor and start supplements. The store is a treasure house of supplements and health formulas. 

  1. Drink plenty of water

Although the recommended limit is up to 3 liters of water daily, but drink as per your body composition and lifestyle. 

If you eat more fruits, you can make do with 2 liters of water, as fruits have water content. 

If you train hard and sweat a lot, you need more water, preferably 3 liters or a bit more. 

The American Heart Association reveals that water aids your heart in pumping blood in vessels. It helps your muscles to flush out waste. Heart is also a muscle, so it needs water. 

Count juices, buttermilk, milk, and lemonade in your fluid intake too.

  1. Do weight training exercises

Recent studies show that weight training has an equally good effect on heart. Fitness experts are of the view that you must combine resistance training and aerobics for a great cardio workout. 

Weight training improves blood flow to arms and creates a positive impact on blood pressure. It helps to turn fat into muscle and strengthens muscles. Due to the fact that heart is also a muscle, weights are great for the heart. 

  1. Sleep well

About 6-8 hours of restful sleep at night is a must for improving heart health. 

  1. Have sex often

Having sex creates similar effect to climbing stairs. It increases heart rate and blood pressure. It gives a work out to heart muscle. A study shows that men who had sex 2-3 times a week decreased their risk of heart attack by 50 per cent. 

  1. Stand up instead of sitting

Sitting is one of the biggest killers. Studies show it decreases lipoprotein lipase enzyme, which turns bad cholesterol into good one. So, stand up. Nowadays, many corporate offices are introducing the idea of stand-up workstations. 

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene

There is a relation between heart and gum tissue. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy heart. As per research, bacteria causing gum diseases are also present in atherosclerotic plaque buildup in heart arteries!

  1. Keep your hands clean

Infections like flu, pneumonia, and others can be hard on your heart. So, wash hands often with an anti-bacterial hand wash or soap. 

Follow the above explained ways to improve health of your heart. Right from eating healthy to keeping your hands clean, these tips can be easily included in your lifestyle. You can find amazing offers at Don’tPayAll related to health.