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What is Retina Surgery? Know the Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A detached retina is a very serious eye condition that must not be left untreated. It is a condition where the retina becomes separated from the underlying supportive tissues. In this condition, the retina does not function properly after getting detached and may lead to permanent vision loss.

Causes of Detached Retina

  • Injury to the eye may cause retinal detachment. Trauma from accidents and wounds may cause a detached retina.
  • Individuals with high levels of nearsightedness may get retinal detachment. This happens due to abnormal eyeball size and thinner retinas.
  • In very rare cases, LASIK surgery done for nearsighted people may cause a detached retina. Patients with cataracts, tumors and unknown eye diseases may get detached retinas.
  • New blood vessels that grow under the retina may result in detached retina. This is common in patients with diabetic retinopathy which causes the retina to get pushed away and separated eventually from the supportive tissues.

Signs and symptoms of Detached Retina

  • Sudden notice of spots, floaters and flashes are common signs. These could be the first signs of the warming of a detached retina. Visions may start becoming blurry, hazy and persistent weak vision.
  • Seeing shadows and curtain-like flashes descending from the top of the eye or across are few other signs of detached cataract. Flashes are common in approximately one person out of seven.

All these signs may lead to pulling away from the retina from its actual place or the retina may get detached suddenly. A detached retina is painless and in most cases, patients do not understand that it is detached. It is important to see an eye specialist immediately in case you notice any of the following symptoms. Always see the best retina surgeon in Delhi.

Treatment For Detached Retina

Retina surgery is the best way to treat a detached retina. The procedure should be done as soon as the problem is identified to restore the vision. You can consult in one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi for retina.

The surgical procedures of the detached retina are as follows:

Scleral Buckling Surgery

This treatment is the most common method that is used to treat a detached retina. In this method, a small band of silicone is attached to the outside of the eye or sclera. This band is used to buckle the eye inward that reduces the traction on the retina. This allows the retina to reattach itself to the interior wall of the eye.


In this method, the clear jelly-like fluid is removed from the posterior chamber of the eye and is replaced by silicone oil. This, in turn, pushes the detached portion of the retina back to its original position.

Pneumatic Retinopexy

In this method, the eye surgeon injects a small bubble of gas into the fluid of the eye that pushes the detached portion of the retina.

In case the detached retina is caused by a tear in the retina, the surgeon performs a laser surgery and seals the tear.

One has to understand that in all cases retina surgery may not be successful as success depends on several factors such as to cause, the extent of the problem and other reasons.